A lesson in content, grateful love and it’s tracks throughout our life.

This rug and I, we two, are one. When I first found her, I beamed. EXACTLY what I wanted, EXACTLY what we could afford. I did my ENTIRE decor around this very rug. A rug that holds so much of our life, as three, within her threading. I sat today apologizing to her for always frantically vacuuming her- attempting to “cover up” all of the life she proudly possesses, all for appearance sake. For throwing “life less” accusations her way and envying other new rugs, rugs surely void of her love. She’s ever faithful, this one. She’s taken on potty training, crumbs, more dog hair than what currently resides on our two dogs, three different vacuums, viruses, naps, snacks, and movies. She’s our crash, the center of our home, she’s reliable. Her ends might be fraying, her color faded from the sun, and her “new” long worn away… but now she offers me so much more. She smells of my little, she’s full of all of our snuggles, and she’s the very road map of our life here… one I’ve tried often to curse and plead to replace for trendy sake, but yet she still loves me and always welcomes my collapse, yes, loving collapse, daily. It’s you and me girlfriend- a bit worn and tattered these days, never quite as fresh anymore, but stocked FULL of love. Happy, we are happy.



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