A “small” lesson in opened eyes and silent, present hearts.

Sometimes encouragement isn’t providing another outlet of advice, sometimes it can be found in a pinch of “zen”, an ounce or ten of chocolate, and within a “lot” of unspoken love, prayer, and being just, well, there. I don’t always have the best advice, many times I don’t. I’m often awkward and scatter brained, but I care, I love, and I have this particular way of showing others through small tokens of:

“Yep, I do carry you with me. I think of you, like I think about Target, and I love you both, A LOT.”

People, keep your eyes and your hearts open for those weary and in need of encouragement, even if only heard through hidden heart whispers. Love, extended love, it really can make all the difference, it can.

target candy


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