A lesson in crazy… crazy grace, that is.

Y’all, real life:

I’m still in Josh’s PJs (lol), my hair…done by Brent and yet I’ve kept it all day (normal, crazy normal). I haven’t bathed (truthfully, either of us), I’ve likely made a TON of mistakes today, BUT I’ve done two things “just right”:

(1) I’ve loved this kiddo (my current season) with a fierce, “eye kinda twitches some days” love AND

(2) I’ve lived in grace, really, I’ve lived out His grace.

Some days that looks like a scattered map of mistakes, tears, apologies, mercy, and release (okay MOST days here), but He’s always there, reminding me I can do a billion things wrong by earthly standards but still do it mercifully okay in His book- by simply living for/loving Him first and then others, second.

Y’all, love today (yourself and others), forgive today, be REAL today- it’s a beautiful mess of a life we live, just gloriously beautiful, even in the mess…He is down there in the mess with you and I and LOVE.

#‎grace‬  ‪#‎motherhood‬ ‪ #‎momlife‬  #REAL



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