A lesson in transparency and grace.


I. Am. Not. Perfect…

Like at all, it’s quite laughable, now, thinking of my pursuit to be, BUT here is some truth:

I am, however, loved, redeemed, and carried by a PERFECT Lover and Creator.

My past, even my faults from yesterday, my distracted heart today AND before my Jesus… they ALL try to haunt me, consume me, and poison me.

BUT, now, let’s talk REAL: the fact is, it is MY choice (your choice) to grab up those darts and dig them in, collecting spiritually fatal wounds, OR to deny them, each and every one, any ENTRY in the name of Truth, of mercy, of a grace filled love that meets me (you), here, in the now and transforms me, daily. The pursuit of perfect is a lost cause, y’all, because it’s ONLY found in Him and His endless love of us. We can wear masks, but the latter is SO much more freeing.

So, yes, I can be crabby, guarding, doubtful, and selfish. My days “sometime” (read between the lines, lol) messy, chaotic, and hard, BUT He meets me there- relentlessly cleaning house, refocusing His child, and growing in me selflessness, faith, community, and peace. Through out all of my seasons, He’s never, NEVER denied me love or entry into His arms, never. I can’t say the same of people, myself included, but He…never, y’all.

So here’s to real, because He’s found in the real and in the raw… Where one cries out in surrender, sometimes from a closet, in the dark, eating chocolate, with heavy tears streaming. (No personal experience there, none, but I’ve heard of such.) Masks, my collection especially, they bore me, and worse they hide my never-ending need for Him and His faithful redeeming, so much already present.

<exits closet>

not perfect


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