A lesson in the importance of short names.

Brents name

“…but Mommy, I want to write my ‘real favorite name’.”-B

I tried to sell him on just signing “B”, but a las, it appears he is rather smitten with the dreadfully long name my pregnant self insisted we bestow upon him- totally disregarding a future three-year old Brent (a perfectionist at heart, just like his mama) writing it EIGHTEEN times over. So, here’s to more coffee, staring at this sweet name (my favorite too, honestly), and thanking the Lord for raining down patience and caffeine on this mama today. Y’all, if we ever find ourselves naming a sweet little again, I am thinking “Bo (no middle) Cox”, the end. :))))) Take that preschool valentines, you wont get me again!!!! Totally kidding, we both only cried once, every minute, per card! I kid, I kid (no I don’t).


4 thoughts on “A lesson in the importance of short names.

  1. I love this! I think we just had our last year of me signing Clay’s name and him adding stickers… Maybe I can sell him on C.L. instead of the whole Clay Lucas 😉


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