A “quick” lesson in ME.

new glassesHi, y’all! My name is Erin Leigh. I am southern, LOUD, energetic, outspoken, GOOFY, sarcastic, willful, passionate, wordy (bless you, readers) encouraging, opinionated (recovering, praise Him), loving, and basically put: walking, affectionate chaos. I am a beautifully redeemed HOT MESS– true story. (Did you like how I perfectly intertwined my flaws with my strengths?!? That, my loves, is how I choose to view God’s beautifully redeemed creation… ME.)

I “talk louder” in conversations to be heard. I’m extremely fickle at times, but not. Ha!, right? I love with an intensity that’s off the charts, and yet I tend to run away just as quick (in life) when I am afraid at failing at the things I want SO BADLY to succeed: like relationships, accomplishments, and Pinterest. Perfectionist much?!?!? At times I feel like I am a walking, talking irony, truly. Yet, thankfully, I am also a walking, talking redemption. Want to learn more? I am ALWAYS an open book, just try me.

In short (the good stuff): I went to college (away) on a full academic scholarship but quickly departed (transferred, a new start was REQUIRED) my freshman year with a whopping 0.90 GPA. Did you know it went that low? (I am here to confirm it does, don’t try it.) My life: a mess. Prior to college I knew of Jesus only as a trend. Faith, well it was a fraternity/sorority that I was never invited into (wooftie, another blog, perhaps another time)- albeit I tried to fake it a few times, for “name’s sake”, ya know. Life wasn’t easy for me early on (is it really for any of us, lessons y’all, lessons), but I hid it well underneath a massive group of friends, academic success (it all came a bit too easily, I learned that in college when unstructured work was actually required), athleticism, cute clothes, and a big ole fake grin. I dated boys, went to sleep overs, Spring Break trips, dances, etc. I, well, belonged (externally), or so it appeared. Truth: inside I was SO alone for most of my childhood and early adulthood. All of y’all that did know me are likely like “whattttt?!?!?!”. Yep, I was that good at wearing a mask(s). Aren’t we all, in our own ways?

My now: after hitting BOTTOM (and I mean way down) in my early twenties, I finally surrendered controlled and agreed to meet my Creator, Sustainer, and TRUE belonging. He began to immediately clean out all of the lies and together, we started the crawl back up from academic hell, hand in hand. He helped me start to rediscover who I was always meant to be, in Him. I finally stopped having to “fake it” (oh y’all, I just can’t take the masks anymore, I can’t) and stopped all that chaotic “seeking” and “comparing” as I was now and forever FOUND.

So fast foward (the GREAT stuff): I eventually graduated college with Honors (two degrees in hand, mind you), got accepted into a prominent grad school, and married the man of my forever. (You thought I’d say dreams, right?!?, NOPE, not dreams… lovingly put: two people who intentionally chose love, together, with a fierce passion for our entire lives. Continually choosing one another daily- through the good and the bad. You know, a redeeming kind of life love.) Now, we are raising what I call “walking ADORABLE” who goes by the infamous name: Brent. Life still isn’t perfect- Hello, I am a sinner- BUT it is filled with daily love, promise, mercy, and endless hope. I am still growing, made anew in each moment of surrender (a BIG OLE DEAL for this type A controller), and slowly but steadily learning to release my grip on this “ride” through life. This blog is so you can laugh and grow with us, like a tribe. A loving, chaotic, dysfunctional, redeemed tribe. Love: this blog is my way of loving my tribe, out loud.

I enjoy sharing our ups and our downs with y’all- being, well, at times absurdly transparent. We all have our “closets”, we do, but we all also should have one another, there, loving each other out of those dark, hidden closets. Not like how it can often be displayed in our dreams or in movies, but through our daily choices- like Josh and I’s marriage. You know, a continual redeeming type of fellowship and community and I’ve learned, after nearly 30 years into this journey, it starts with honesty (with ourselves especially, as well as others). Again, oh the irony… for me at least. So, that’s a quick snip bit into my life. We will wrap it up as: raw, real, AND redeemed. That’s why this blog is about lessons, because my life… yep, you guessed it, ALWAYS about His lessons, every. single. day. XOXO

PS- Mom, Dad, thanks for always loving me, even through the 0.90 GPAs and beyond. You always knew I could and would, even when I didn’t.


4 thoughts on “A “quick” lesson in ME.

  1. Such a great post, Erin! I am so glad that we became penpals and even though I have become SO behind in that area, please know that you are still in my prayers and I am so happy to be able to catch the snippets of your life on IG and read your blog here!


  2. Love you love you love you!!! Love this! Love your heart! Cherish your friendship! Thanks for being so open, honest, and transparent! You are an encourager!!! You “spur me on” in my own walk with Christ and in life in general!!! So so so thankful God made you and brought you on your life journey, and that that journey included meeting me!!! 🙂


  3. Thank God for mercy and strange life journies. You have no idea how much I admired you freshman year. I was like she is so smart, beautiful, happy and she is nice.
    Life most importantly life with Christ is such a blessing.


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