A lesson in BIG bows with Brent.

Our dinner conversation:

“Mommy, I tink der is a girl dat I give my loves to…”

(GASP!!!- a new, foreign twinkle flashes across his eyes and I see it mirrored in his daddy’s acknowledging smile.)

“Her name starts with an M. Ma, Ma, Ma….”

(Relieved, I shout “Mommy!”)

“Welp, okay, I’ll do two gurls… Mommy and Mia!”


“Yeah… (uncomfortable eye twinkle again), she has da BIGGEST bow strap in class.”

(Joshua and I died, and I immediately started looking at the enrollment costs of other local “all boy” schools, jk!)

#getreadygirls #youdontwantthismama #jkkkk #noimnot #helikesbigbowsandhecannotlie

big bows


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