A sweet lesson in “carpe diem” with Brent.

What is one’s spirited little to do, trapped for hours inside the four walls of a doctor’s office, all while his mommy walks through endless loops attempting to get her physical approved by the state (life with an auto immune, y’all)?!?!?…

Why, simply initiate a serious discussion regarding this month’s “Car and Driver” with the three other Grandpas present in the room- now all “enjoying” their tiring wait alongside him. I just couldn’t get enough of all of their smiles- smitten by this little’s contagious spirit, captured (hook, line, and sinker) attentively by his precious heart and talk on fast cars. It was a serious matter, y’all, cars and all. I sat there, silent, watching them all debate makes and models, proudly boast stories with Brent about their “golden years”, and slowly release from their days and ailments back to the innocence of three again- if even just for a quick, needed glimpse.

Lord, I pray his adorable heart fights against becoming guarded or distracted by this “fast paced” world. I am continually in awe of how his spirit relentlessly floods out sweet joy 24/7, effortlessly, regardless of the circumstances, no matter the crowd. To think we, his parents, are blessed to get a front row seat each and every time. Now, I am off to sharpen my knowledge on all things cars, because wowzers was I the odd man out. Here’s to three: glorious, vivacious, passionate, and missional. Unworthy, y’all, so unworthy of his joy, but so so grateful! ❤

car and driver

#herehegrowsmeagain #littleboylife #caranddriver #daddysproud


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