Finding the Dandies

Finding the Dandies, for this family, is a chosen change of heart and attitude. All started thanks to our precious baby boy, Brent. Brent was officially diagnosed with Epilepsy (stemming from two types of seizure disorders) by the age of 9 months. (Praise the Lord one form of his seizure disorders has resolved away for nearly two years now, and we faithfully believe what is left of his epilepsy diagnosis, the absence seizures, will within due time too!) While we didn’t always take this season in stride, initially, (…and still struggle from time to time, you’ll see) Brent, our sweet boy, has been the one to teach us to smile through the struggles and to seek intently what exactly God is doing in our life, in and within those such moments. Brent, you see, chooses not to accept “weeds” in this life, his adorable heart sees them ALL, it ALL as flowers. His favorite… you guessed it, Dandies- beautiful, mystical, tickle your nose, Dandies. He has collected and gifted me these treasures from the very time he could bend to scoop them up, instantly professing their awe and wonder. Adoring their transition from yellow to a fluffy white and feeling like he is handing his mama pure gold with each plucked wonder. Life, perspective… it all roots from the heart and it’s our choice, we just often don’t own that… This journey, this precious boy, our loving Father… All have humbled us and brought us time and time again to surrender, to a lasting peace, to contentment and faith amid even the storms. So here is life: difficult, messy, adorable, exhausting, fantastic, and real… stocked FULL of Dandies, we’ve just had to make sure our eyes are open to see them.

So tag along, follow us on our search for Dandies. Join our family, but do remember this family, myself, we are FAR from perfect… but in the same breath we ALL agree to that fact that we are perfectly and intentionally paired, together, on this crazy, wild journey we call our life. On this adventure, you will see that we strive to live out grace, love, faith, hope, AND surrender. We laugh endlessly and we even ugly cry, okay… I ugly cry, at least once a day in some seasons. Marriage and parenting have proven themselves to be such sacred journeys for me. Each of my boys, in each day, invite me to experience God in newer, deeper, more intimate ways. I’ m in love with these boys and I am growing to love ALL of our seasons, together, even the difficult “ugly cry” ones. Most of all, I am in love with our BIG, forgiving, REDEEMING God, y’all. Come, join us… laugh with us, cry alongside of us, pray for us, and likely grow WITH us! This is just a mama, humbly grateful that my Heavenly Father’s love is SO much GREATER than my weaknesses, and that His mercy rains down endlessly. This is our journey to love… Love all, Love well, Love outloud- with both our hearts and hands. That, my friends, it’s the good stuff.

team jilly


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